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23.000 Kilometers throughout half of the world. At the end of July Rainer Zietlow is starting for this huge challenge with his Volkswagen Touareg. Together with a cameraman and a Russian journalist Zietlow will deliver a letter in the ancient style of the “dispatch rider of the zar” from the mayor of Melbourne, Australia to the mayor of St. Petersburg, Russia. Both cities are in a partnership since 1989. In fact both cities are the most northern and most southern coexistent million-metropoles in the world.

For his trip Zietlow is looking to an amount of notable sponsors and partners:

Allianz, Bosch, Continental, 3M, Volkswagen, VW Financial Service, Federal Mogul, Monroe, Dynaudio, Waeco Dometic, Bosch, Continental, Exide, Garmin, Hella, Kuehne & Nagel, Inmersat, Recaro, Automechanika, Tag Heuer

“Our target is to solve the 23.000 kilometers in the shortest amount of time. So the letter could be delivered as fast as possible to St. Petersburg. Meanwhile we will pass almost all existing climate-zones”, Zietlow is looking forward. A special challenge will be the ferry-trips within the Indonesian islands. The louche strait of Malakka will be passed by vehicle and crew on a wooden boat.

But just before the scheduled start in “Down Under”, Zietlow is scouting the complete route with his special equipped Volkswagen Touareg in the opposite direction. The reason is quite simple: “We have to confirm significant GPS-coordinates. And we have to scout some roads and shortcuts for our planned trip”, says Zietlow in China and continues: “The correct planning is decisive for such a trip”, Zietlow is directing his view for the upcoming challenge.

Melbourne and St Petersburg have been Sister Cities since 21 April 1989.
Built on the foundations of the two cities cultural and artistic connections the relationship aims to continuously develop these and enhance the profiles of the two cities.