Chinese highways

10.08.2012  China

We have arrived to Chinese border absolutely exhausted – roads of Laos were very hard, especially at night. But we knew that in China we can drive fast because of excellent highways. At the border our team got fourth member – Chinese guide! It is necessary to drive here by foreigners at foreign car. But it was not a problem, because we left one broken tire in Thailand and had enough space for our bags. Also we got temporary Chinese driver’s license and number plates.
And this guide did not disturb us and let us go as fast as we wanted. Why? Because in China nobody watch for traffic! You can almost all – drive 200 kph, overtake from the right side. Chinese drivers don’t care about all and they drive very bad – they don’t use side mirrors, can overtake slow truck and change the lane just ahead of you even you drive very fast. Very dangerous roads, despite good surface. But we were lucky and crossed China (5 700 km) only in 54 hours! It was really big luck, because we had to get to Kazakhstan border until 4 pm on Saturday. We have done it!