Crossing Australia

28.07.2012  Australia

The first step is done! We have cross Australia completed almost 4 thousands kilometers in 36 hours. Roads were perfect – good surface, almost no traffic and speed limit at outback is 130 km/h, so we could drive fast. But at nights it was not easy. And the reason is not about sleeping by the wheel. Kangaroos are the biggest problem at nights – a lot of these funny animals are just sitting on the road and you never know to which side it will be jump! So we had to be very concentrate at nights. And just thanks to our additional headlights – we did not hit kangaroos or any other animals.

So we are in Darwin now waiting for our plane. Yes, we use it to cross Timor Sea! We will fly to Dili, it is in the East Timor, just small country on Timor Island. And it will be Antonov-12, old Soviet plane, last one was produced in 1973. Sounds a little bit scaring, but we hope to arrival to Dili about 7 am. After that we have to hurry up because we need to cross the border with Indonesia and get our ferry from Kupang to Larantuka on Flores Island. And we must to do it – this ferry comes only twice a week. It will be tough a day!