Final stage

13.08.2012  Russia

On the border with Russia we had to stay longer than usual - at the Kazakh border guards had a problem with the database on the server and so they passed cars very slow. But we have given all the forces in China and Kazakhstan, to have time to get to St. Petersburg for 17 days! In addition to all customs officers inspect a very long time our Touareg, and a passport Marius was left blank pages - the question arose where to put the stamp.
But we were able to make a dash finish, showing great team spirit - thanks to Marius for the dedicated night shifts to China, Kazakhstan and Russia, in the morning we were near the city of Cheboksary! To Moscow was less than 700 kilometers, and then we waited for the final march to St. Petersburg. It seems that we again had chances to stop the Tag Heuer timer before the 18th day trip!