First fine of speeding

08.08.2012  Thailand

There are very good roads in Thailand – two-lane highways has smooth surface and you don’t have to pay for using them! But you have to pay to road police if you drive fast. Most of drivers in Thailand don’t care about speed limits – they can drive 130-140 kph when the limit is 90! Normally we don’t like to go too fast but now we must catch time that we lost because of broken radiator in East Timor and problem with the ferry in Indonesia.
So we have driven 130. But it couldn’t continue through all Thailand – today we have stopped by road police. Not only we – they used cones to slow down traffic and officer checked license plates of each car. No speeding – ok, you can go. Driven too fast? Come to policeman. He looked like Robocop! “Driver’s licence, please!”. We thought that it will take a lot of time, but just 3 minutes after we took a picture and could go. The fine was not so big – just 200 bats. It is about 5 euro! We have continued with this speed and crossed Thailand only in 19 hours.