First problem

29.07.2012  East-Timor

Our plans to reach Kupang until 4 pm did not realize. We have completed only 30 kilometers after Dili because of cooling system problem. Just imagine small bridge, speed is only 15 km/h – we used it to make short video. Suddenly we saw steam from under the bonnet and stopped immediately. Overheating? No, temperature was ok. But cooling liquid was leaking to the ground. We tried to find the reason of that leak and lost about 2 hours because it is really hard to get access to radiator in Touareg. It is fantastic, but we met ex-president of East Timor while tried to repair the car – he drove buggy and asked us do we need some help.
Likely, we already had very good mechanic – Mel came from Dili to help us. We remove intake pipes and fan to see radiator. And we saw the hole, but not on the front side! The big rusty screw did it when we contact the bridge by engine steel cover. But how it got there? We don’t know. Maybe some of mechanics forgot it under the bonnet or we can collect it from the road. So the car was towed by truck to workshop and Mel did the miracle. Thank you, Mel! He repaired radiator and we started early in the morning on Monday 30th of July from Dili to Kupang. And now is not enough only to get to Kupang. We have to find another ferry which can deliver us to Flores island.