Goodbye, East Timor!

31.07.2012  Indonesien

Second attempt for crossing East Timor has been successful. We started from Dili at 5.15 am and after 3 hours we already came to the border with Indonesia. It looked strange – more like a farm not a national border. Small wood houses, goats and hens around and just one officer who played billiard alone. We crossed it very fast and… had to wait 20 minutes until Indonesian border opened. Why? It is because Indonesia is in another timezone.

Roads in Indonesia are much better than in East Timor, but they are very tricky - typical mountain roads with thousands of curves. Left-right-lift-right-up and down – like special stages for the rally! But we don’t have a racing car and there is a lot of traffic. Overtaking is a problem, because we have a left-hand drive car. That’s why we came to Kupang on 3 pm, completed about 430 kilometers almost in 8 hours. And this is a good result.