03.08.2012  Indonesia

Do you know Java is most populated island in the world? 125 million people live here! And Java is well-industrialized. That means a lot of truck – it is a biggest problem of these roads. Yes, there are two-lane highways everywhere, but trucks are constantly trying to overtake each other. And we had to wait for the finish of these “truck races”, spending a lot of time. It is the reason, why we drove 1100-kilometers way to Jakarta almost 32 hours!
Fortunately, the last 100 kilometers to Jakarta we drove through excellent toll road. And, what a surprise, we had police escort there! Two cars with sirens – one ahead of us and one behind, and two motorbikes. It looked like we are government delegation of another country. So we quickly got the Jakarta and Volkswagen dealership despite the traffic jams in the city. After that we had a press-conference at Pertamina gas station and then we went to the port.