No more ferries!

07.08.2012  Malaysia

Another good news – car has arrived to Malakka at 7 am! But we had to wait until 10 am because it was delay with crane. Fortunately, crane operator was quite professional. He heads deloading process and did it very good. But we had another problem – low battery. The reason was our shortage of time yesterday – we had only half an hour to leave the car at Malakka port and went to speed ferry. So we forgot to switch off power convertors in the car. No problem – we just connected wires from another car and our engine has started again!
We left Malakka at 1 pm and crossed Malaysia very fast despite the… tire puncture! How we got it on highway with very good surface? Sidewall of tire was a little bit damaged by the loading rope and blowed off at high speed curve. Don’t worry – Marius managed it and we didn’t have any accident. Just changed the wheel in 10 minutes and at 8 pm we already crossed Malaysia. Welcome to Thailand!