Roads of Kazakhstan

11.08.2012  Kazakhstan

Before passing the customs of Kazakhstan we had to wash the Volkswagen Touareg, which sported a brutal "tan", purchased on the roads of Laos. Of course, we were a little sorry for - because in this way resembled the Touareg racing cars for the rally-raids! But it was necessary not only for customs, but also to our sponsors. We crossed the border quickly - in just one hour. And it was a great success - if we drove too long to arrive, it would have lost 14 hours, waiting until the morning!
But now we don’t think about it - the border between Kazakhstan and Russia is working 24 hours! So the task was very clear - we go to St. Petersburg as quickly as possible and without unnecessary stops. At first this seemed an impossible task - the roads were not very good, we could hardly go faster than 80 km/h. But soon it began a great highway through Astana, which lasted almost to the border. As a result, we have overcome Kazakhstan for 20 hours and now is only Russia ahead!