Second delay

05.08.2012  Indonesia

We arrived at Dumai, last Indonesian city on our route, at 8 am on Sunday. But we had unpleasant surprise – bad weather! Fog, high waves and storm at Malakka strait have caused a delay of our departure to Malaysia until midday. But we not sailed today! The reason was not experienced captain of our ferry – first he has never been before at Dumai and missed the port. Then he made a mistake with the documents and finally the engine of this ship was broken. Three problems just with one ferry! We talked since 6 months with ferry operator about this charter cruise and then have such a disasterious ferry and captain!
We have tried to find another way to Malakka this evening, but now is the Ramadan month and 88% of Indonesian population are muslims. So we do not have any chances to leave Dumai this evening. Now we have checked in the hotel – good possibility to rest after hard week in Indonesia! And we have good news also – another boat will arrive to Dumai tomorrow morning. Hopefully, it is a last delay on our World Record tour.