Tough roads of Sumatra island!

04.08.2012  Indonesia

Yes, we knew that Sumatra is the hardest part of our World Record tour. But we could not imagine that this would be a nightmare! We completed 1400 kilometers in 28 hours –average speed was only 50 kph. Well, the road to Palembang was quite good and we have not lost too much time in this big city – there we had a final refueling at Pertamina gas station. Just about 2 hours in total because of traffic jams. But for last 300 kilometers roads were awful! Large potholes and in some places there were no asphalt – just gravel with huge pits, so we had to reduce the speed to minimal.
Fortunately, we had no punctures and save the suspension. But we are very tired! Moreover, due to error in navigation system (map does not contains some new roads at Sumatra), we made a detour about 100 kilometers. So we arrived at Dumai completely exhausted. But it is last Indonesian City on our route – we will depart to Malaysia by the ferry through Malakka strait. Hopefully, weather will be good!