Tricky roads of Flores

01.08.2012  Indonesia

What is Flores island? For us it is about 730 kilometers to go. But Rainer had a plan to cross Flores in 24 hours. Do you think it is too much? No! And the main reason is the roads. Very tricky mountain roads with a lot of traffic and roadworks, no straights longer than 200 meters! We already wrote about the same problems on Timor island, but forget it and believe us – Flores is much more difficult and hard part of World Record tour in compare to Timor and Australia.

We crossed Flores in 17 hours without any problems – thanks to new brake sets, that was changed in Melbourne before we start. Brakes are very important in Flores if you want to drive fast enough. And even repaired radiator did not leak! So we had 7 extra hours to rest until ferry departure to Sumbawa island. Thanks to our sponsor Pertamina Dex for refueling in Labuanbajo by 10 liters canisters, now we have enough fuel to cross three islands in a row – it will be Sumbawa, Lambok and Bali. By the way, in Labuanbajo our mileage from Melbourne reached 5 000 kilometers!