Unpredictable Laos

09.08.2012  Laos

Laos – it is another big challenge for us. We came relaxed from Malaysia and Thailand because of highways where we could drive with high average speed. But in Laos we remember Java and Sumatra! Ok, in the beginning there were asphalt roads with good surface, but just one hundred kilometers after we had rough gravel and potholes. And rain all the way!
Rain could be a main problem – we got bad news about road situation. Laos is the mountain country and there are not so much roads – to China it is only one way. And this road was blocked because rain felt down for few days caused mud avalanches. Fortunately, people from Laos road service have done good work and we could pass through! Moreover, we have arrived at Chinese border even 4 hours earlier that we expect, despite very hard driving at foggy mountains. And we are glad that we have done another one of most complicated part of World Record tour to Saint-Petersburg!