Wood boat

06.08.2012  Indonesia

This morning our boat has arrived to port of Dumai – and it is a great news! But it was a little bit scaring moment when we saw it. It was a wood boat only 30 meters long with old diesel engine and crew looked like smugglers. How old it is? I think it produced in 16th century but this boat was only 10 years old. I couldn’t believe in it! But we had no more options to deliver our Touareg to Malakka. As you already know our first option had a complete engine breakdown. We would sail by this boat because it is adventure and it is better to stay with car. Unfortunately, it was not possible to have passengers on cargo ship.
So we got 3 tickets to speed passenger ferry from Dumai to Malakka – at 11 am we left Indonesia and just after 2,5 hours crossed 150-kilometer long Malakka Strait. What is next? Just waiting for car until 9 pm – we got small boat and went closer to Malaysian sea border to meet our ship and guide it to port. But departure from Dumai was delayed by reasons we don't know. And now we have time to morning. Hopefully, our car will arrive to Malakka in good condition – with all equipment, wheels and without any damages.