Teamleader, first driver
Rainer Zietlow

Owner of the automotive event agency challenge4 and head driver of the „Melbourne to St.Petersburg“ project. Rainer has already setup three world records by driving with a Volkswagen Touareg to the highest point with a standard vehicle in 2005, driving around the world with a Volkswagen Caddy EcoFuel wit natural gas for the first time and driving Panamericana - the longest road in the world - in less than 12 days in 2011.

Photographer, Cameraman and second driver
Marius Biela

Owner of the photo and video agency emotionscreens and second driver of the „Melbourne to St.Petersburg“ World Record tour. Marius is an experienced driver and has been driving long-distance tours since 2009 together with Rainer. At daytime Marius takes pictures and records videos about the World Record tour, so he has to drive in night conditions. He has already gotten his first World Record for completing Panamericana famous road just in 11 days and 17 hours and now he is looking forward to getting his next record with the „Melbourne to St.Petersburg“ project. When he is not on the road breaking records, Marius is a student of computer science, but because of the tours he drives, the exams will have to wait until next year.

Journalist and third driver
Vadim Gagarin

Vadim works as automotive journalist for Russian website Auto.Mail.Ru. Since 2005 Vadim took a part in numerous drivers trainings including practice on the Russian and European raceways. He is a big motorsport fan also and participate in amateur and journalist races in Russia. Vadim had an experience of marathons once completed Rally Dakar 2011 by the wheel of specially-modified Volswagen Amarok TDI with two Chinese colleagues. The World Record tour from Melbourne to Saint-Petersburg is the biggest challenge in his professional life.